HookahFox - UgliStuff Store

The company origins starts from 2012 and divided into several periods:

  • 2012-2015. Wholesale import to Russian and Kazakhstan market as MoreDyma company. Yep, we’re started from that. In the early 2010s there were no local hookah products in CIS Countries, but the Shisha and Hookah culture were growing rapidly. So our goal was to provide local markets with pop hookah products such as Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Nakhla, Afzal, Social Smoke, Fumari, Tangiers to Russian and Kazakhstan.
  • 2015-2019. Local Products distribution. After crisis of 2014, Russian hookah market started to produce their own strong products such as Darkside, MattPear, Oblako, Hoob Hookah etc. So we’re rebrand our company to UgliStuff Store and started to distribute such products in our regions and set up our local hookah stores.
  • 2019 – current time. Launch of HookahFox. As the time goes on and Russian shisha market is becoming more and more popular around the World, we’re started to get a lot of requests for Russian Hookahs and tobacco from all over the world – from Japan to London and Israel. Therefore we’re decided to launch international online Store HookahFox. It has the same logo as the UgliStuff and related to that project. Our goal as the HookahFox online hookah store is to provide best shishas and tobacco from Russian Market to all the hookah lovers all around the world! Everyday we’re working on improving our online service and best ways to deliver goods to the every point of the world.