Wholesale shisha tobacco worldwide delivery

If you are up to buy wholesale hookahs and shisha tobacco, don’t hesitate to contact HookahFox Store. We’re able to ship Russian-made and other pop brands from Saint-Petersburg, Russia to your destination country. We can help you to choose hookah tobacco and shisha pipes for your hookahshop, lounge or distribution network according to your requirements. We’re gathered shisha tobacco bestsellers from Russia and all over the World. Just 100% original products and no fakes! All the required documents can be provided for the whole product line as requested. HookahFox is a significant worldwide tobacco and hookah supplier.

Worldwide delivery wholesale hookah pipes

In our catalogue you can find MattPear, DSH, Alpha Hookah, Polish Wookah, Conceptic Design, Dusha Hookah and other pop Russian hookah brands with best prices. Our group of companies are exclusive distributors of several brands in Russia and Kazakhstan. We’re supply directly from factories. So we can provide best deals for our wholesale customers. Our shisha pipes line includes variety from basic hookahs such as Avion Stick from up to 50 usd to World-famous premium Wookah pipes.

We can provide wholesale pricing for hookah bowls (heads), bases and other accessories.

Wholesale premium Shisha Charcoal

Hookah charcoal of best quality is one of the main supplies. E.g. CocoUrth – is stable and popular product. QocoTurbo – is a premium charcoal with a great heat. By the way, we’re always supply our store with new brands such as DCoco, Cocoloco, Big Maks or Tashtar.

If you have any questions or collaboration proposal, write down a request in a form below to WhatsApp / Telegram +7(931) 226-63-22 (Wholesale manager) or E-mail us.

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