Tobacco Smoke Angels 100 гр

Smoke Angels shisha tobacco is a product of well-known Russian blogger Anton Gaivoronsky. It was first presented in December 2019 at the JohnCalliano Fest expo. The molasses is produced in collaboration with the Darkside factory and meets the high-quality standards.

Smoke Angels hookah tobacco nicotine strength is like Dark Side Medium (Core), but has its own unique flavor line. It started with 4 flavors featured at the exhibition, and gradually growing, albeit not as great as that of the more famous manufacturers. But each of these scents deserve attention, we should note:

  • Sinner Fruit – pineapple with spices, fried to a crisp;
  • Acid Berry – very sour wild raspberries;
  • Desert Corn – sweet taste slivochno corn cream with vanilla;
  • Pacific Route – "root beer" (RootBeer) or sarsaparilla, exotic to us, but the traditional North American carbonated drink.
  • Zen Latte – the rich taste of matcha with a slight milky flavor.

To prepare Smoke Angels mix you can use Phunnel-type bowls such as Oblako or Glina or other 5-hole classic shisha heads. The taste quality is better revealed when you fluff the molasses in a bowl and leave 1 mm space between kaloud and tobacco.

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