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Hookah CWP Circa - successor of the legendary Razor

Is not the first hookah industry in Russia is developing by leaps and bounds. The market is growing and manufacturers are trying to create products able to compete. Someone is obtained, someone not. But who certainly has proved himself, so it's Dima Lopatin with his CWP Razor. Finally, he presented us with its second metal hookah in the line, which received the name of CWP Circa, which you can buy right now on our website.

Circa primarily differs from its predecessor.

First, this is an unprecedented design. We all remember the times when only began to appear hookahs Otivana. They are, if I may say so, turned the game in the industry of hookah and at the same time killed the imagination of other manufacturers for a long time. Every second tried to repeat the design, changing a few details. What really must admit, even my personal above-mentioned pet CWP Razor was made in “classical” at the time design. With Circa's another story. He was the original.

Secondly, it is as though banal did not sound, is the price. Hookah is 11.5 thousand rubles (compared to 17.5 thousand RUB from Razor), and has less impressive features. And in comparison with other hookahs of this price it looks very cheerful.

Other necessary parameters from CWP

If you continue to compare, you can see that the manufacturer has removed the arcuate ports that relieve the cravings and helped to purge the hookah. But surprisingly, the hookah is just as easy stretches and fully releases the bulb from the smoke in one blow, as confirmed by feedback about the hookah CWP Circa (Sirk).

Circa also got more rich color next from the grey to a bright red, and anodized aluminum pearl paint looks very fresh.

Buy hookah CWP Circa at factory price in St. Petersburg or order delivery worldwide, you can store UgliStuff Store.

Air resistanceHard air-resistance
Material Aluminum, Stainless steel
Hose tipNo