Hookah Shower Stainless Steel

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Package contents: Saucer - Mine Hose -Mouthpiece Diffuser
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Categories: Doosha (Dusha) Hookah 
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Do Soul of steel?

The new version of the acclaimed SOUL of the Stainless Steel hookah completely made of stainless steel. And instantly without any the many fans, he has become even better thanks to work on the bugs based on customer reviews. Hookah is simple and reliable, this fully finished product brand, allowing you to enjoy the taste and smoke of tobacco without worrying about anything.

The author of the hookah SOUL, Maxim Popov, a well – known graphic designer in the field of hookah industry. A lot of work in this direction, he decided not to stand aside and create your own product by submitting it to the hookah show, where it was evaluated and tried by many professionals in the hookah industry, gave their comments and brought the product to mind. And we, in turn, made it so that every citizen of our country could buy the hookah Soul stainless steel in the city.

Open the box and pull out the Soul

The hookah has a classic design, which never lost popularity in the Russian segment. Conveniently assembled and disassembled so you can take it with you wherever your heart desires. Thanks to the responsible approach to production, a connector, a composite part of the shaft and the base firmly attached to each other through the thread.

The inner diameter of the shaft is 14 mm, the result of this pull of the hookah is excellent. Also there is a removable diffuser non-standard form (namely, in bullet form), while it is a little heavier thrust and completely smooths out the "gurgling" that definitely might like the "old" water pipe. At the hookah SOUL Stainless Steel is very easy venting, due to the fact that the diameter of the valve is 10 mm. the External part of the valve is made of stainless steel, and inside is a plastic ball. The diameter of the port under the hose -12 mm, so for Shisha SHOWER Stainless Steel, you can use any silicone hose.

For whom the Soul is created

According to the statement of Maxim Popov, this hookah is designed primarily "from the heart for their own." To create it made a lot of effort, many bloggers were issued a very positive rating for the quality of execution and, as a consequence of Smoking.

The absolute advantages of the hookah is its exceptional reliability, durability and resistance to cons include significant weight.

In General, the SOUL is Stainless Steel – very high quality, albeit expensive product. Ideal for gift or to replenish your home collection.

Air resistanceAverage air-resistance
Material Stainless steel, Wood
Hose tipYes