November 1, 2020
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When choosing a hookah just pay attention to following aspects:

  • Pipe material. It directly affects the lifetime of a hookah. E.g. entirely stainless steel pipes are very durable. Premium models with wooden décor (e.g. Wookah or DSH Woods) look the most gorgerous, but more difficult to care for.
  • The reliability of the hookah base. The glass should be of sufficient thickness and strength.
  • Reliable connectors and seals. They must not pass through the air from the outside of hookah system
  • The material of the handle and hose. High quality silicone hose and hosetip will last for a long time with proper care.
  • The diameter of the shisha pipe and the hose handle. The wider the diameter of the pipe, the more the air capaity. And "more" doesn't equal to "better". Cause some of the tobaccos and bowls doesn't like light and easy air-pull (the mix can be overheated when when blowing too fast)
  • Completeness of the hookah set. In our catalogue there are ready-to-use kits and separate hookah pipes, bases and hoses that will allow you to build your own unique hookah set.
  • Tobacco Strength and Bowl type. When choosing a tobacco, pay attention to the tobacco strength and heat resistance. Also keep in mind that the different shisha heads have different heat transfer. If you're hookah beginner – make a choice to universally popular bowl brands such as Oblako , Smokelab Killer, Glina Harmony or Upgrade Form.