November 4, 2020
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At the pic: HQD Cuvie V2 Disposable POD

POD-system types

Vape PODS are divided to open and closed Pods, depending on types of device. Open type is the gadgets with the special tank which you can fill by yourself with vaping liquid.

In some cases, this design even allows you to change the exhaust evaporator. Closed POD cigarettes work with a ready replaceable cartridges and require less effort to maintain. This is the perfect system for beginners, as evaporation does not need special skills, and the device is ready for use immediately after purchase.

While for closed systems available only a complete replacement of the cartridge, whereas Open-type provide greater freedom in the choice of eJuice (e-liquids), and that appealing to more experienced vapers. The only condition is that the composition of the liquid should be salt-nicotine.

How to choose POD

When choosing the POD Vape you should pay attention not only on the type of system, but also to the tank capacity for liquid (juice – as it's called by vapers) and battery capacity. Approximate operating time without refueling can be calculated independently: for evaporation to 1.5 ml of fluid would require approximately 300 mAh, which is average 2-3 days of work without changing the cartridge and additional refills.