Tobacco Satyr 100g Brilliant Collection No. 10 Tripa Desp Santo Domingo

Buy Tobacco Satyr 100g Brilliant Collection No. 10 Tripa Desp Santo Domingo

Non-aromatized ruler-lower-than-average strength, pu-erh (earthy) taste, with prunes and notes of wood and smoked meat
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Non-flavored line - low-average nicotine with PuErh, prunes and wood hints. One of the most famous no aroma line among russian shisha producer. The manufacturer uses a minimal and easy recipe of tobacco blend: tobacco leaf, distilled glycerin, caramel syrup, certified flavors. When manufactruing they use a slow fermentation. It provides high puffs lever and smooth hints of tobacco leaf. PREPARATION HINTS: Satyr Shisha doesn't afraid high temperature, so you can use foil or kaloud directly to the tobacco (no space between) to prepare it. Heat with 3-4 25mm charcoal for 3-5 mins and enjoy hookah session
Weight100 gr
Flavor typenon-flavoured
Tobacco strengthMedium